I first got acquainted with photography in primary school. I really enjoyed taking photos on my vacation, during celebrations or just taking them as a part of my ordinary day. After primary school I put my camera in the corner and started with some sports activities. I found my passion for photography again after my first job income, which was invested in an old (already used) Nikon D70 camera. Soon I started taking pictures on every event and later specialized on dancing events, where I also took part.

My passion for photography became more and more intensive so that when I raised enough money I bought a new Nikon camera. This was it. The love was sealed.

I admit that now I don’t go anywhere without my camera and always take lots of photos. My biggest challenge is still dancing, especially hip hop and break dance (Check it out on Gallery). I take photos also on other events – my goal is to capture lots of emotions.

Always Searching For The Shot

Events 95
Dance 90
Weddings 80
Portrait and people 75